Pet Approves Digital Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a scholarships contest for talented young people! If you know how to express your opinion correctly - then try your luck. There are three themes to choose from and you can choose any. It will be necessary to write an essay on it.
You have a great opportunity to become one of the winners and get a prize. Total amount of winnings $ 2,000 Scholarship for your college or university education. You should write an essay on a given topic and send it to me before July 1, 2019.


  1. «To get a pet is a big responsibility»
  2. «A pet animal should be adopted by every home»
  3. «The Many Benefits of Pet Ownership»
I want you to take these topics seriously. It is very important for me to know the opinion of the younger generation.

The essay should include:

  1. 1000-1500 words.
  2. A title.
  3. At least 2 research materials used.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. you must be above 18 years
  2. you must be a student of any course

How To Apply?

Submit your essay in .doc or .docx (Microsoft word) to on or before 1 July 2018. In the subject line of the message write "Scholarship". Write a cover letter to the file. Specify your name, date of birth, place of study and city of residence.

You should have a clear idea of the topic and express your personal opinion on the issue.

Prizes Scholarships of $2000 in total will be awarded to the best three essay writers:

  1. 1stplace — $1000
  2. 2ndplace — $ 700
  3. 3rdplace — $300
Do not miss your chance!