Getting Ready for Your New Kitten

Adopting a new kitten can be a big step for any family, adult, and kids. It can bring joy and happiness to any household. The benefits of having a pet are numerous and any new pet owner has reported being more satisfied and happier with its lifestyle since he adopted a kitten. 

However, similarly to other pets or a newborn baby, any owner should gear up to welcome the new addition to the family in the best of ways. With so much choice on the market, it can be hard for any first-time pet owner to know what the things are to buy and what quality should you be aiming at. 

While some kitten needs are difficult to foresee, there is basic equipment that can help you get ready for the adoption of your new kitten!

The Things Any Owner Should Know

A new kitten is going to need a large amount of attention, toys, and facilities. Some are easy to get ready for such as litter box, others can be tricky. However, through some checks, you will be able to get a better idea of the things you need in advance. 

Check How Old Is Your Kitten

Start by checking the age of your kitten, as younger cats will have different needs than older ones. If you have found a newly born kitten on the road and you are not sure how old he is, undertake deep research to find out an indication of when he was born. 

In the first 10 weeks, if their lives kittens are extremely vulnerable and they need constant nourishment and care. In this case, you might consider consulting your vet for specific instructions.

Check on Their Previous Situations

Shelters and breeders are unlikely to be giving kittens in adoption if they are younger than 10 weeks. However, the kitten you are taking in might be 1 or 2 months old. In this case, check with his or her previous owner about the facilities he was living in before the adoption date. 

If the kitten has developed unique habits or he is in need of specific care, his previous owner will be aware of it. Don’t forget that for cats a changing environment can be a source of great stress. Try to create a smooth transition by recreating a similar atmosphere in your house.

Solving Issues in Advance

Medical issues or checkups are most likely during the first months of your kitten’s life. Get ready in advance!

  • Find A Vet

As we have mentioned, young kittens can be extremely vulnerable. Moreover, they will need routine check-ups and vaccinations from day one. In this case, finding a vet that you like beforehand can save you precious time. 

For example, you will not want to be looking for a vet during an emergency or if your kitten has injured himself. Therefore, shop around your town or area to dins in advance the vet that will take care of your kitten.

  • Inform Yourself

If you are a first-time kitten owner, you will be able to book a visit with the vet before your kitten gets there. Make the best out of it and ask all the questions that have been coming up in your mind since you have decided to adopt a kitten. 

For example, lack of appetite, poor weight gain, vomiting or swollen abdomen are early signs of illness that you should be aware of when taking in a cat. These and other conditions should be discussed with your vet prior to the arrival of your kitten.

The Equipment You Need

You will need a lot of equipment! Some are facilities, some toys, some are things that will help to make your life easier. Adopting a kitten can be overwhelming, but you can find solutions in advance that can help you focus entirely on your kitten once he has arrived.

  • Food

This is arguably one of the most important things you should buy before getting your kitten, as he will probably be hungry as soon as he gets there. Don’t forget that kittens can be extremely delicate, so buying top quality food is a must. For the first time, avoid buying a product online and speak to an informed retailer.

  • ID tag

Your kitten will most likely be unmanageable for the first week or two. He will want to explore the new environment of your house or garden and walk around. However, if there is an easy exit and you leave your kitten unsupervised, there is a chance that he could be walking out. Often this is most likely to happen during the first days of his stay at your house. Buying a collar or ID tag in advance can save you from losing your kitten!

  • Facilities

These are the basics item you will need in your house to welcome your new pet. Start by buying a litter box and a cat litter that is chemicals free. Don’t forget about getting a comfortable bed for your cat and preferably add pillows and blankets. This will give your cat a safe place to run to if he gets intimidated by the new environment. Equip yourself with a carrier that is comfortable for both you and your cat.

  • Toys

Cats are incredibly intelligent creatures and they will need to be stimulated often to be happy pets. Gear up with safe-for-kittens’ toys that don’t have small parts that can be ingested accidentally. Your cat will want to sharpen his nails often and he will do it anywhere he can. Don’t forget to buy a scratching post if you would like to maintain your sofa in good condition!


Adopting a kitten can be one of the happiest things you could do for both you and your family. You will have a new companion to play and share your house with. Getting ready in advance for the kitten’s arrival is extremely important to give them the house they deserve. 

Lastly, don’t forget to get your camera ready and take many pictures of your kitten! Don’t worry, there are IT services & solutions that can help you find storage for all those photos!

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