The Best 3D Printed Animals Files

The world of 3D printing is becoming more and more exciting everyday. Thanks to so much imagination and innovation, 3D printing has filled our world with everything from functional tools and practical gadgets for everyday life to novel trinkets and cool gift ideas. 

Today, we will talk about some of the best animal models you can 3D print. Animal models are sure to be fun and bring a smile to your face. From the everyday housecat to the more wild rhinoceros, these 3D printed animals can easily be your next favorite 3D printing project. 

Baby Rhino

To start of our list, we have this simple, but cute baby rhino. Designed by Chen Jien, a designer of DIY paper products, this 3D printed baby rhino has a striking geometric shape that can fit well in any modern, contemporary household. 

The 3D printed baby rhino is printed into six separate parts. However, when you put it all together, the head, hands, tail, and feet can all be rotated. This way you can easily position the baby rhino in any pose you want. 

Whether you want to use it as a bookend on your shelf or a centerpiece on your coffee table, you can always change up his pose to make things more exciting and fun. 


Another incredibly adorable 3D printed animal you could go for is this little red, articulated elephant. This little elephant has a cool ridged texture on its trunk and legs that makes it stand out in any room. 

However, unlike some of the articulated animals on this list, this 3D printed elephant can be printed in one complete part. This way there is no assembly needed. Additionally, this particular animal file can be printed in a variety of sizes. 

If you want a truly standout piece in your house or in your office, the extra-large size print of this elephant is for you. However, if your printer cannot accommodate a large print, you can also get this elephant in an extra small size. 

Froggy: The 3D Printed Ball-Jointed Frog Doll

To be fair, an anthropomorphic frog doll can be a little bit creepy, but it is definitely one of the coolest articulated 3D animals we have seen. What makes this frog doll particularly outstanding is its construction. 

It should be noted that before this frog doll, there had been other 3D printed frogs with articulated joints that could move. However, they could only move like a frog. This frog doll has humanized proportions so it can move and pose like a human doll. 

In addition to the fully articulated body, the frog also has articulated fingers and movable eyes for a fully engaging experience. 

Evidently, this is not a simple small project. However, you can find a guide on how to put it all together here. So, if you have the time and patience to spare, this frog doll could be a unique addition to your 3D printables collection. 

Gizmo Robotic Dog

This small 3D printable of a robotic dog might offer less range of movement than the 3D printed frog, but it definitely demands less work and time. 

This simple design is printed in seperate parts, but they do easily snap together without the help of glue or fasteners. Moreover, its arms, legs, neck, and head can all be rotated and repositioned to your liking. 

Due to their small size, you can print multiple of them. A cluster of these 3D printed dogs make a cute and eye-catching piece of desk decoration, especially if they are made in a variety of colors. 

Hand-Holding 3D Monkeys

Did you ever play with monkeys in a barrel when you were a kid? Well, these 3D printed hand-holding monkeys are the revived version for your adult self. 

The monkeys print out as one complete piece, including the necessary supports. However, once the monkeys are fully printed, they can be taken apart if needed. For example, you might print multiple colors of these cute little monkey. If you take them apart and mix up the colors, you end up with some awesome multi-colored monkeys. 

These monkeys could be a cool and quirky decoration idea for your office or any personal space. Just hang a piece of string on a wall and use the monkey’s hooked hands to dangle them from the string. 

Cat Doorstop

Last but definitely not least, we have a 3D printed Cat-shaped doorstop. Although it does not have any articulated limbs and cannot be posed, this cat doorstop is incredibly formidable and striking on its own. In addition to its geometric texture, you can print it in gold to complete the look of a regal cat standing guard at your door. 

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing appearance, this 3D printed cat is also versatile. The doorstop wedge attachment is available in different sizes to accommodate a variety of gap heights. 

However, you can also replace the wedge with other attachments. Instead of the wedge, maybe attach a flower pot for a striking addition to your garden. For a cool piece of desktop decor in your office, attach a pencil holder or a business card holder to the cat. With a bit of imagination and redesigning, you can repurpose this majestic cat in so many ways. 


If you have someone in your life who loves animals or if you yourself are an animal lover, this list is definitely for you. There are cool designs for the more minimalistic individual. There are fun designs for people who prefer interactive 3D designs. 

However, our list is only the tip of the iceberg. Just as there are many animals out there, both real and fictional, there are many designs for 3D printed animals out there. You just have to do your research and find the designs you want to try out. 

If you don’t find something you like, maybe you will get inspiration to make your own design. Who knows! The possibilities are endless. That being said, break out your 3D printer and get started today!

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