Buy Only Top Rated Dog Food for Bulldogs Full of Vitamins and Minerals

When you are looking for dog food, there are a lot of things to consider. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer various mixes of meat, oil, fruits, and vegetable, however, a certain mix can be much more beneficial for your puppy or a grown dog.

It is important to analyze dog’s food ingredients. By choosing the right mix for your puppy or an adult dog, you will keep your dog healthy, help your pet to have a shiny and sleek hair which always points at the dog’s health condition.

Product ImageProduct NameMore Info
1. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food1. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog FoodView on Amazon
2. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food2. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog FoodView on Amazon
3. Fromm Family Foods 33 lb Gold Nutritionals Dog Food3. Fromm Family Foods 33 lb Gold Nutritionals Dog FoodView on Amazon
4. Royal Canin Chihuahua Junior Dog Food (1.5kg) (Pack of 4)4. Royal Canin Chihuahua Junior Dog Food (1.5kg) (Pack of 4)View on Amazon
Remember that ingredients are listed by weight. Such ingredients like beef, poultry, chicken, or fish contain large amounts of listed in the beginning. Make sure that your dog does not have an allergy to certain food.


For example, bulldogs are some of the most problematic dogs, because they suffer from most airline deaths of any breed.

This breed is unfortunately famous for strong respiratory issues. They often suffer from hip dysplasia and other medical concerns. These are medium-size dogs with a thick-set, low-slung body.

Bulldogs are extremely dependable and predictable, therefore, families with kids often buy dogs of this breed.

Bulldogs take a lot of air when they eat, so this adds to flatulence. The best puppy food for Bulldogs are small kibbles which will help your pet to eat slower and do not take a lot of air.

Avoid such food as soybeans, peas, beans, milk products, fatty or spicy foods. Choose branded food mixes for this breed. Adult Bulldogs will be absolutely happy with blend chicken and rice.


Dachshunds are short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dogs that are considered as family dogs, they are great and loyal companions. However, dachshunds need to be treated well all the time.

They have a good memory and will not be loyal to you if you once upset your dachshund puppy. A lot of people notice that dachshunds bark a lot, however, the fact that this is a hunting dogs breed explains their barking tendency.

The best food for dachshunds would be chicken or chicken liver, grain free chicken and lentils, brown rice, turkey. Your “sausage” dog will also be happy with raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, and bones.


Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds. There is even an evidence that Mastiff-like dogs lived in the mountains of Asia almost 4,500 years to 2,500 B.C.E.

However, these dogs can be really huge and can scare people because if their enormous size, Mastiffs are very calm, sensitive, and self-assured.

The breed is very loving and affectionate toward his family, still, it is best to own a mastiff when your kids become older. These dogs bark rarely. Also, mastiffs protect his family and perceive his territory.

The best dog food for mastiffs would be various duck meal, brown rice, and lentils formulas. It is best to feed your mastiff dog two times a day, not more. Sometimes, give your pet some apple and carrots.

Make sure you give your Mastiff puppy or adult dog only dried grain free food.


These are very charming dogs because of their small size and cute face. Chihuahuas are famous for their outsize personality. Chihuahua dogs come in different coat types and colors.

People who own chihuahuas say they become devoted and want no other dog breed after. These dogs enjoy communicating. However, experts recommend avoiding mixing small children and a chihuahua god in one house.

The best dog food for chihuahua would be grain free dry food that includes a lot of vitamins and minerals. Like most dogs, chihuahuas can be allergic to corn, wheat, and soy.

It is recommended to dd unseasoned chicken to his regular food. Cooked white rice and pasta are absolutely safe for your chihuahua.

Review and comparison of 4 best dog food products of 2017

1. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food


If you want your dog to have only natural and high-quality food, then you should look into this grain-free formula.

This dog food provides digestible energy and excellent nutrition for a puppy.

The difference between dog food for a grown dog and puppy is the texture of food and ingredients.

This mix includes real roasted meat and a blend of protein sources.

Also, there are vegetables and fruits that will give your puppy antioxidants to help support a healthy lifestyle.

This mix has a great taste and will be enjoyed by any puppy. This pack includes buffalo, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, egg product, blueberries, raspberries.

Also, there are ocean fish meal, canola oil, salmon oil which are sources of DHA that is a super important for a growing dog. Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin D supplement and folic acid will guarantee all necessary elements of healthy lifestyle, calcium, strong bones, and a lot of energy.

Stand out features:

  • 30-pound pack
  • Big long-lasting bag
  • Exceptionally healthy and natural ingredients
  • Contains real meat
  • Mix of all necessary vitamins
  • Food has a great texture perfect for puppies

  • This is a great mix for growing dogs of different breeds;
  • Affordable price;
  • Full of vitamins;
  • Replaces pills and capsules;

  • No.


2. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food


This is a healthy and original mix of whole food which is irreplaceable for puppies.

The mix is grain free. An everyday portion of this natural mix ensures a complete and balanced nutrition dosage for your puppy.

The mix includes whole prey bites of chicken, blended with antioxidant-rich super foods that are very tasty and will be enjoyed by your young dog.

Vital plant nutrients are oil and seeds that are the best antioxidants. There are many tasty veggie and fruits pieces that will add goodness to every portion.

If you feed your dog with this mix every day, you will not need to buy additional supplements to care about your puppy’s health condition.

The mix has a pleasant smell and recommended for daily intake. The mix contains only premium, all natural ingredients without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Stand out features:

  • 18-pound pack
  • Recommended for daily feeding
  • Only natural ingredients
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • The food has a nice flavour and smell
  • The mix does not make a dog drink more water than usual

  • Healthy and natural mix of meat;
  • Fruits, vegetable, oil and seeds for growing dogs;
  • The mix replaces all supplements.

  • No.


3. Fromm Family Foods 33 lb Gold Nutritionals Dog Food


This is the best dog food for large breeds that offers all necessary vitamins and antioxidants for maintaining and supporting your dog’s health condition, energy, and a high life level.

The mix is naturally formulated with fresh duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs, and real cheddar cheese.

Also, there are optimum omega fatty acids.

The mix does not contain corn, wheat, and by-product free.

This dog food is USDA-Inspected and is recommended for large breeds. There is a great combination of fats, omega 3, 6 acids, protein, fiber, and moisture. Gold Nutritionals Dog Food is recommended for adult dogs with weight greater than 50 pounds.

Fromm Family provides high-quality food for dogs and cats that include natural and recommended ingredients since 1852.

Stand out features:

  • 33-pound pack
  • Only natural and recommended ingredients
  • Real cheese and egg
  • 3 types of meat
  • No artificial flavors and colors
  • USDA-Inspected

  • The pack provides all necessary information about food plus you can check it online;
  • The food does not have that bad dog food smell.

  • The pack is expensive.


4. Royal Canin Chihuahua Junior Dog Food (1.5kg) (Pack of 4)


This pack includes 4 packs with excellent mixes for your dog.

The mix is recommended for Chihuahua because all ingredients are gathered considering all the features of the breed. But, if you have a puppy, better read this article about best puppy food to choose an appropriate one.

The mix is recommended from 2 to 8 months old. Royal Canin for Chihuahua provides a complete and optimal support for unique physiology.

There are exceptionally high-quality ingredients.

The pack is full of vitamins and minerals that are so important for your Chihuahua puppy.

The mix has a nice smell and flavor, and, of course, was tested and approved. The food comes in shape of kibbles that are adapted to small dog’s jaw with specially selected flavors.

Among healthy and needed ingredient for Chihuahua are protein, rice, animal fats, maize, beet pulp, minerals, soya oil, fish oil. Royal Canin is the most famous pet food company grounded in science providing great, only natural, and healthy food for cats and dogs.

Stand out features:

We hope that you enjoyed the review and now know more about high-quality mixes for your puppy or an adult dog.

We have chosen those 4 products because they meet high standards, consist of natural and recommended ingredients that are usually subscribed to the majority of breeds.

Consult vet if you are not certain about one of the above-mentioned products. For example, if your dog needs to lose weight, some of these products may not be the best choice. Buy only branded products for your pet.

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