How to Host a Dog-Friendly Event?

Who doesn’t love to go to an event that is welcoming to their fur Lil friends? We all do! A party or get together becomes all the more warm and fun when each of us has no worries weighing over our shoulders. Pet owners often remain distracted having to leave their small canine members at home to attend events for long hours. So what if we made events more dog-friendly? And trust me, it’s more task then just keeping water bowls and pet food ready!

Let’s learn about ways to make your event successful in inviting pet owners along with their pets.

1. A Dog-Friendly Location:

The most important decision when calling pets into your events is to understand which location can afford to have them and not turning into a disaster. The first step is to understand the weather. A hot summer day may not be a good day to hold outdoor events involving pets. Also, If it is your yard, you need to consider to mow it properly to be sure the ground is clear and visible to the human eyes. That prevents the pets from gulping down an inedible item and for humans to not step over dog’s feces. Also, the location shouldn’t have a rough texture, smoother textures can allow dogs to rest as they please. You need to consider a wider area if more than one pet is being invited, since they may not get along or might need space to play. Indoor events are a risky and hard task to manage. It is confined and has furniture or other dog-hazards one may not be aware of unless the accident occurs. So depending on the guest lists and no. of dogs invited, the weather, the activities held and the limitations of the place-one have to be very careful of the location. 

2. Time to Train Pet-Owners:

There’s only a limit to what one can do to keep a check on your guests and then their Lil ones. It is a tough task to manage an event that invites pet owners to bring their dogs. Since prevention is better than cure and regret, there are few great tips to keep things manageable. For good management, the event planner should be able to construct a set of rules and instructions that the owners of pets specifically should be aware of, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Areas open to their pets to roam around
  • Availability of pet food, if not do-able, one must inform the pet owners to bring it along
  • Leashes and muzzles should be specified before-hand
  • Emergency areas designed for accidents/sudden health crisis of pets
  • Areas allocated for toilet breaks, etc.
  • A smart move would be to keep a dog-event as well, or rewards that recognize the most well-behaved dog. This could motivate the owners to keep an eye on their pets at all times

3. From Dog’s Eyes:

Every seller thinks from the buyer’s perspective, this is the case for an event planner too. One has to think like a dog or understand a dog’s language to be able to successfully manage them. Since these human loving creatures are extra sensitive to smell and noise, one has to make sure the event has a specific zone to safeguard the dogs from loud music or bursting of crackers. Some dogs may get overwhelmed with the crowd or there could be fights between dogs that make become troublesome to handle. A specific zone must be designed for each of the scenarios. There also has to be plenty of water available and shade zones on a hot summer day. If it’s too cold, warm food and blankets should be available for the Lil furry friends to find comfort. A vet at times should be available to handle uncalled situations and emergencies. One also has to be extra careful about the food provided to dogs and their safety.

4. “Pawful or Purfect” Event- Get creative:

No one wants their event to turn out to be a mess- feels awful, or so to say Pawful right? Event planning needs to be a creative job. You can do it right if you think of the audience and their needs! Many cute events that are fun for the dogs and their owners can be held. Some of them can be a “pupparrazzi” event where owers can collect props to dress their canine members for a fun photoshoot or a “pupbar” for owners to drink their favorite beverages as their Lil ones enjoy tasty flavored water drinks. A fun pet ramp walk can be done as well! Its all up to how you see fit. The more you inculcate pet-related activities the more the pets remain distracted. And keeping pets distracted is the key to a successful event. Since bored dogs are dangerous dogs. They create chaos that can lead to a disastrous end to your event.

The Do-not Do list:

  • Bones: A big no, we often are in the myth that bones are the best toy to leave your dog with. It is no doubt a good distractor but can lead to dangerous situations like choking or harming the dog’s intestines or esophagus. A dog should always be under supervision when ingesting bones. Hence, don’t leave around natural or synthetic bones for dogs to play with.
  • Chocolates: Humans crave chocolates. Events and chocolates go hand in hand. But our little fur friends can have fatal impacts on their bodies if they consume chocolates. Hence one must keep in mind to keep chocolates in a zone where dogs don’t enter.
  • Aggressive dogs: Everyone is scared of a dog that’s aggressive and unpredictable. Dog owners should be in advance warned about their responsibility and accountability if their dog is aggressive and scared of social situations. There should be norms regarding handling dogs with behavioral issues. Some ways as suggested by vets are to keep dogs leashed or muzzled if they are uncertain of their dog’s response in social situations.


It is fun to have our cute Lil canine friends accompanying us to social situations. But these events have to be carefully designed specifically for dogs and their owner’s comforts. So keep in mind these tips and watch your event become a “pawesome” experience for everyone!

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