How to Protect Your Condo from Your Pet

If you are the owner of a condo, or plan on buying one soon, AND you own a pet, you need to see this article! This article focuses on ways to make sure your life in your condo is in harmony with your pet, your neighbors and of course condo management.  Stay with us to learn methods of keeping everything in order when you are a pet owner. 

Buying A Condo When You Own Pets

Be prepared to think about others when you do this. Also be ready to go over the pet policy with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you are getting the condo that suits your needs best. 

Otherwise, you could end up having to get rid of your pets or pay a bill you are not prepared to stomach. 

For instance, in a case known as Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation v. Bazilinsky, the family in question owned a bird in their condo. They were sued because they violated the no pet policy. They were served a bill totaling nearly $42,000. 

They had a lien placed on the condo and could not sell their unit. Granted, the case ended so the bill was adjusted to about $1800 and the justice presiding over the case was sympathetic to the owners and ordered the unit to be vacated. 

However, others may not be so lucky – follow the policies to a tee. 

Basic Pet Proofing

There are some things you can do around the house that will keep your pet from getting sick and throwing up around the condo or having an accident where you don’t want them to. 

For starters, keep string away from pets. Cats love it, but should a pet swallow it on accident, it can hurt their internal organs. 

Next, make sure toxic plants are never present in your home. For dogs, grapes and raisins are to be avoided as well as macadamia nuts. For dogs and cats, stay away from avocado, moldy foods, alcohol, foods sweetened with xylitol, and garlic. Poinsettias around the holidays should also be avoided as they harm cats. 

Lastly, leave Tylenol, a commonly used medicine, in the cabinet in a place where pets cannot get it. If you drop a tablet, find it and throw it away immediately. 

Condo Pet Policy Enforcement

This is a subject which should be taken seriously, as you may have to get rid of a beloved pet if you do not do so. If you are shopping around for a condo, make sure that you carefully review their policy to ensure your dog, cat or other pet is allowed. Speak with management also if you are unsure. 

After all, a condo that allows ALL kinds of pets (reptiles, birds, cats, certain dog breeds, and so on) doesn’t exist in our findings. 

Enforcement of these policies is usually done by the management team or in some cases the HOA board. A fine may be assessed if a condo owner does not comply. In some cases, legal action may take place, and it is highly likely the pet will have to be removed from the building. If this order is not followed, it is possible that jail time can be served. 

Do not think that because you are friends or relatives with management, they will give you leniency. Doing so could render their ability to enforce their regular policy useless in the future. 

In sum, it’s best to comply so you do not face hassle down the road. 

Dogs in Condos

To ensure you have a positive experience with your dog and condo ownership, there are a few steps you can take. 

If you already own a dog, verify the condo you are interested in is okay with your dog’s breed and size.  If not, make sure the condo you reside doesn’t restrict the breed you want. 

You may wish to choose a condo that has a dog park or features one close by. This way your dog can exercise and socialize in a place that is appropriate. 

Always make sure to care for your dog so he doesn’t offend others around him: clean up accidents immediately, bathe him so he doesn’t smell, and make sure he is always on a lead when outside. 

Be a Good Neighbor

Sadly, there will be people in your condo who will not like your sweet pet. Avoid any conflict by learning how to be a good neighbor. 

Firstly, keep your pup on a leash whenever you go out even if it’s just for a few moments. A simple trip to the dog park or potty spot should not be ruined by a neighbor who complains about your dog not being leashed.  Some people do not enjoy kisses from dogs or may be afraid of them. Keep the peace by leashing your dog. 

Next, keep cats contained. If your cat enjoys going outside, find a kitty-friendly harness and see if she will walk on a leash. Letting the cat roam around the property can be annoying for some neighbors, and if you own an exotic breed they may be stolen. 

Cats bring home dead rodents or birds, which some neighbors may find offensive. Therefore, keep your cat inside or on a lead for some outdoor play time. 

Finally, keep track of birds and rodents. Guinea pigs, parakeets and hamsters are popular and cute, but if they get out and get into ducts, they can cause problems for the whole floor or building. Keep a close eye on your small pets to ensure they don’t go into vents. 

Lastly, make sure all messes are cleaned up. Taking your cockatoo out into the sun or your pup down to the patio is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Make sure you keep it neat for everybody by bringing along bags, wipes and anything else necessary to clean up messes your pet makes. 


You can own a condo and have a pet-just make sure your pet complies with the guidelines as established by your management team. After all, it’s easier to follow rules than to have to give up a treasured member of your family.

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