Here Are the Most Expensive Animals in The World

There are hundreds of thousands of animals on planet earth. Some are of a familiar quality, like our household dogs and cats, and some are of the more rare and exotic quality.

Some are worth a few hundred dollars, but there are still some animals in the world that are so expensive you might as well pull out a credit loan for a new house…or two houses.

Green Monkey ($16,000,000)

Plot twist: a green monkey is not a monkey at all. Green monkeys are actually a very expensive breed of thoroughbred horses. Extremely rare and hailing from an ancestry of prized racehorses like Secretariat and Northern dancer, this family of horses is cherished for their speed and beauty.

Green monkeys tend to be winning racehorses, which makes them even more valuable. With its high price tag of $16,000,000, to have a green monkey in your possession indicates you are probably very rich too.

The actual Green Monkey ran an unbelievable speed on his first race. In his first race, he went 1/8th of a mile in under 9.8 seconds. Unfortunately, the Green Monkey suffered an injury that never allowed him to match that speed again. He passed away in May of 2018.

White Lion Cubs ($138,000)

First spotted in 1938, white lions and white lion cubs continue to be some of the most rare and prized animals in the world.

The color mutation of white lions was first spotted in the Timbavati area, and the mutation has been passed on as a recessive gene. This is how the white lions get their characteristic white fur and light eyes.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust states that there are only 300 living white lions on this planet.

Their small population is probably why they are not considered a subspecies yet and are most likely found in South African wildlife reserves. Their rarity and the uniqueness of their genes explains why they are so expensive.

Tibetan Mastiff ($582,000)

If you are on the hunt for your new family pet, you might want to take a minute before you pick a Tibetan mastiff. As the world’s largest dog, having a Tibetan mastiff in your house is equivalent to having a small lion in your house.

But it is not their ferocity they are prized for. They are prized for their interesting ancestry and unmatchable beauty.

Tibetan mastiffs were originally bred as guard dogs. They were trained to not only protect livestock but to also protect palaces and monasteries. So, if you happen to have one, just know they make amazing guard dogs.

Tibetan mastiffs can be found in a variety of colors, such as black, brown, red, gray, and pure white, which is the hardest type of Tibetan mastiff to find. Moreover, these dogs do not carry an unpleasant smell like other dogs.

True-blooded Tibetan mastiffs are extremely rare and can fetch some unbelievable prices. In 2011, the last rare Tibetan mastiff was sold for $1.5 million.

Savannah Cat ($25,000)

One of the less expensive, but still pricey animals out there is a savannah cat. A savannah cat is particularly desired because of its unique mix of ancestry and its interesting personality.

Savannah cats are a mix between a serval and a domestic cat. They have tall, slender bodies that are unlike any normal cat, making them quite majestic creatures.

Moreover, their personality is what sets them apart. Savannah cats tend to be more playful and friendly. Unlike their relatives, the domestic cat, savannah cats enjoy water and even playing with dogs.

So, if you somehow can pull together the $25,000 for a savannah cat, you will be glad that you are adopting an animal that is the best combination of a cat and a dog.

Sir Lancelot Encore ($155,000)

Edgar and Nina Otto made the ultimate pet owners’ choice after they lost their beloved dog, Sir Lancelot. Edgar and Nina decided to clone Sir Lancelot.

$155,000 later, the Ottos were blessed with Sir Lancelot Encore, the world’s first cloned dog. Lancey, as he is affectionately called now, has also won his owners quite a few awards and titles at the San Francisco Bio-arts auction.

Granted, you can’t exactly adopt Sir Lancelot Encore. However, Sir Lancelot Encore is breeding litters now so you can happily invest in one of his puppies. At least then, you can say your dog is a descendant of the world’s first cloned dog.

Ayam Cemani Chicken ($2,500)

A rare breed of Indonesian chickens, the Ayam Cemani Chicken is an all black chicken. Its appearance is so striking that it is sometimes called the Lamborghini of chickens.

And, as crazy as it sounds, what it looks like on the outside, is how it looks on the inside. From the bones, the meat and the tongue, the Ayam Cemani Chicken is a sleek black color all around.

Missy ($1,200,000)

To wrap up our list, we have the prized cow Miss Missy. A descendant of Dutch Holstein cows, Miss Missy is a show cow with more titles than you can count. She has one the title of Grand Champion at the Western Fall National Show, one of the most popular animal shows in the whole word.

Miss Missy has exceptional speed that could almost match that of the Green Monkey. Moreover, she is an incredibly productive cow.

As a matter of fact, Miss Missy can produce milk 50% faster than your regular cow. She practically sets the standard for any expensive farm animal out there, making her $1,200,000 price tag understandable.


These animals are among some of the most beautiful and treasured creatures of our animal kingdom. If you are an animal love with a lot of money to spend, you might consider adopting one of these animals.

However, if you do not have the money to spend, you can still educate yourself and admire these awesome, prized animals.

However, if you do not have the money to spend, you can still educate yourself and admire these awesome, prized animals.

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