Which Odor Eliminating Cat Litter Is The Most Effective?

No one wants their cats’ litter to smell because that smell can permeate the entire house in no time. So, what do you do? Well, the best thing to do, at least what I’ve found, is to get a cat litter that helps get rid of the odor. It can take a bit to find something but once you do, you’re definitely never going to go back to the old stuff again. After all, keeping your house looking (and smelling) great is an important step.

List of Top-Rated Odor Eliminating Cat Litters

Product ImageProduct NameCatsScentStyleFlushableOdor ControlMore Information
1. World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat - Best Renewable and Biodegradable1. World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat - Best Renewable and BiodegradableMultipleNoneClumpingYesYesMore Information
2. Dr. Elsey's Ultra - Best for Non-Tracking2. Dr. Elsey's Ultra - Best for Non-TrackingMultipleNoneClumpingNoYesMore Information
3. Fresh Step Ever Clean EverFresh - Best With Activated Charcoal3. Fresh Step Ever Clean EverFresh - Best With Activated CharcoalMultipleNoneClumpingNoYesMore Information
4. Fresh Step Extreme With Febreze - Best With Scent4. Fresh Step Extreme With Febreze - Best With ScentMultipleFebrezeClumpingNoYesMore Information
5. Scoop Away Super Clump - Best For Never Empty5. Scoop Away Super Clump - Best For Never EmptyMultipleNoneClumpingNoYesMore Information

The Best Odor Eliminating Cat Litters Reviews

1. World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat – Best Renewable and Biodegradable

This cat litter is actually a high-quality option that’s made with renewable resources, which means it’s something you may want to take a closer look at. It’s made with whole kernel corn, which means that it can easily be replaced and it’s biodegradable when it comes time to throw it out. Even better, it’s also a flushable option, so what are you waiting for?

Cleaning It Up

No one likes cleaning out the litter box but this one makes it a bit easier. It’s a clumping litter that allows you to throw out waste quickly and easily. It’s also odor controlling, which means that it helps to pull the odors out of your cats’ waste and make sure that it doesn’t get out into the rest of your house.

Not only that but this litter can be thrown right into trash or it can be flushed to make cleanup even easier. You’ll be able to keep the dust down too. It actually is up to 99% dust free. All of that means you’re getting some great benefits when it comes to cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Who doesn’t want to be more environmentally friendly and keep the planet in better shape? Because this product is made with whole kernel corn that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing. It’s safer for all of your pets as well as being better for the environment than standard litters.

When you’re ready to empty out the litter box you can feel better about how you do it and you’ll be able to get new litter without feeling bag about where it’s coming from. This litter helps cut down on some of the chemicals and additives getting around.

Can I Flush This Litter?

You absolutely can. That makes it great for many users because it’s actually more convenient and much cleaner when you’re trying to get rid of the messes that your cat leaves behind.

Does it Really Get Rid of All Dust?

It doesn’t get rid of 100% of dust but you’re definitely going to notice that there’s a lot less than other litter options. This one is designed to get rid of up to 99% of dust.

This is a great way to take care of your cats while also making sure that you’re taking care of the environment. You won’t need to worry about throwing out the litter or even flushing it because of the ingredients.

2. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra – Best for Non-Tracking

This cat litter is designed to help you keep up after several cats. You’ll be able to scoop the litter whenever you need to and you don’t need to worry about odors. That’s because it’s an ultra-strong level of odor control and it’s completely scent-free. That’s going to be great for anyone with allergies or those who want to keep all the odor out of their home.

Overall Features

There are plenty of features when it comes to this litter but the number one thing that you’re probably concerned about is eliminating odors. You want to make sure that the odors stay away and that you can easily keep your house smelling fresh and clean like you don’t even have cats wandering around.

With this litter, you’re getting all of that and a whole lot more. The ingredients are all natural so you can feel better about using them in your household. The litter itself is also practically dust free, so you don’t have to worry about your own allergies or even about litter being tracked around the house.

Digging Texture

The texture is designed to make sure that your cats can still dig in the box the way that they want. Cats learn this trait by instinct and it’s something that they will continue to do (and want to do) as much as possible. This litter makes it easier for them to do just that and makes sure the granules aren’t going to get in their way.

The mix of heavier and larger granules with some medium size ones is what allows this digging but still keeps dust and particles from getting out of the box. Overall, it’s a great balance that helps you and your cat be happier.

Can I Use This Litter With More Than One Cat?

You can use this litter with as many cats as you want because it’s designed to keep your home odor free no matter what. The important thing to remember is you may have to change it out more often.

This litter is made to help your cats and to help you at the same time. That makes it a great choice and a great balance for just about any household needs.

3. Fresh Step Ever Clean EverFresh – Best With Activated Charcoal

This litter is made by a company you may not know as well as others, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should ignore. It’s actually a high-quality litter that uses activated charcoal to help get rid of odors. Not only that but it has plenty of other great features and qualities to go along with it. You’ll be able to get a cleaner litter box and a better smelling home.

Features of Activated Charcoal

You want to have a litter box that keeps your house smelling great. Or rather, one that gets rid of the odors that make your house smell not so great. That’s where this cat litter comes in. The activated charcoal actually bonds directly with the litter itself and then bonds with the waste that your cat leaves behind. At that point, it immediately removes the odors.

You’ll have no scent from the charcoal or any other aspect of this litter, but you are going to have some great benefits of the entire thing. The mix of charcoal with the litter is going to provide just the level of balance that you need.

Additional Features

You’re going to have antimicrobial agents built right into this litter as well. These help to keep bacterial odors from springing up, which is the one thing that many other litters don’t seem to get. After all, most litter focuses on the odor of the actual waste, without thinking about the bacteria that it leaves behind.

With this litter, you also get strong clumping, which makes it easier for you to clean out the litter box when you need to. On top of that, you’re going to have up to 10 days of freshness, so you don’t need to worry about changing out the box frequently.

Can This Litter Be Flushed?

This litter is not designed to be flushed and should actually be put directly in a trash bag or trash can instead. It is not considered septic safe.

Does This Litter Clump?

Yes, this litter is designed to clump and that makes it a lot easier for you to take care of messes and to make sure the litter box stays clean and continues to smell fresh.

This cat litter is designed with additional ingredients that help to keep it clean and help keep your litter box from taking over your entire house.

4. Fresh Step Extreme With Febreze – Best With Scent

If you want a cat litter that is going to get rid of the odor but also give you a light scent then this is where you’re going to want to look. This litter actually combines a brand that you already know in a litter with one that you already know in air care and freshness. It’s going to give you a Febreze scent that you can trust to keep your house fresh and clean.

Odor Control & Scent

With this litter, you’re getting full odor control. That’s because it uses activated charcoal to latch onto the odors and quickly and easily remove them from the box. This happens as soon as your cat uses the litter box and it continues at all times. It helps to keep odors away by deodorizing and even adding a little bit of soft scent.

The Febreze scent that’s left behind with this litter is soft and also helps to give your home a fresh scent. If you were to spray Febreze in your home this is what you would notice there too and combined with the extreme strength of the litter you’re getting a great balance.

Keeping It Clean

This litter is designed to clump when your cat makes any kind of a mess, and that means you’ll be able to scoop out messes quickly and easily. You’ll also be able to do it without having to worry about dust and debris because the litter is designed to keep dust down as much as possible. This is even true when your cats are using the box or wander through it.

Each time your cat uses the box the scent is even released, so they’re going to help improve the smell and the overall cleanliness of your home and their own litter box at the same time. When it comes to keeping things even cleaner this litter can last up to 10 days while still getting rid of the odor that you definitely don’t want.

Can I Use This With Multiple Cats?

You can use this litter with several cats if you have them. You may notice that it doesn’t last the full 10 days when used with more than just one cat however.

Overall, this is a high-quality litter that gives you just the right amount of scent to go along with the odor blocking qualities that you’re looking for. It’s great for multiple cats and it keeps your house smelling fresh.

5. Scoop Away Super Clump – Best For Never Empty

If you’re looking for a litter that you don’t have to dump out all the time this is a great way to do it. In fact, the company advertises that you’ll never have to dump out your litter box, which can help you save some money in the long run. On top of that it still helps capture and eliminate odors and it’s a high-quality clumping litter that really works.

Keeping Things Clean

The first aspect of keeping clean is keeping down the dust and this product is designed to do just that. It helps to keep dust and debris in the litter box where it belongs instead of letting your cats track it all through your house. You won’t have to worry about it while scooping either.

Designed to scoop easily and to help you eliminate the odors that you don’t want, this litter has super clump technology and a strong level of odor control. It does all of this without any scent of its own too, which is important for households with allergies.

What’s Included

There are actually a few things included, like ammonia shield that helps to get rid of the odors that are common with your litter box and even the bacteria that can cause odors. This means that it’s attacking the problem in more than one way.

What you’re not going to have included are perfumes and dyes. This makes it better for your household and better for your cat as well. You want to keep them comfortable and safe and chemicals are definitely not going to do that.

Do I Have to Worry About Dust?

You’re not going to have much of any dust unless you’re pouring the litter into the box to fill it back up. The rest of the time it keeps control of the dust and keeps the levels down.

Can You Use This Litter With More Than One Cat?

You’re going to need to change out the litter and scoop it out more frequently with more cats but you shouldn’t have a problem with the litter itself when it comes to adding additional cats.

This is a great choice of the litter if you want something that really works for different types of odor but isn’t going to add additional scents into your home.


Cat litter is not one of those things that it’s fun to talk about. No one really likes to discuss the litter they use in their house. But it’s something that you definitely need to think about. If you’re not careful you could end
up with a house that smells like … well, nothing that you really want it to smell like. Your cats, who are so important to you, could be a big problem if you’re not paying attention to their litter.

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