How To Choose SUVs for Dogs?

Your dog is an important part of your family and so more often than not, it will have to ride with you in your car once in awhile. Which is why dog owners have to put their beloved pooches into consideration when planning to purchase a car. Usually, because of space and the other dog-friendly features, they offer an SUV is a top choice for many dog owners looking to purchase a car that will accommodate their dog well. Knowing this, Automakers trying to outperform themselves and seal their place as the best SUV for dogs try to outdo each other making it harder to choose between them.

List of Top-Rated SUVs for Dogs

Product ImageProduct NameDimensionTypeMore Information
1. Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover1. Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover55”Wx58”LSeat coverMore Information
2. Solvit Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp2. Solvit Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp62”L x 16”W x 4”HPet rampMore Information
3. G-color SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs3. G-color SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs55Wx91L inchesCargo linerMore Information
4. FrontPet Extra Wide Quilted Dog Cargo Cover for SUV4. FrontPet Extra Wide Quilted Dog Cargo Cover for SUV69 inches L x 47 inches WCargo linerMore Information

In addition to the features that comes with most of these SUVs for comfort and for safety, some of the most essential features to have in a vehicle when you intend to have a dog ride with you are your car seat covers, cargo area liner, and a dog ramp for easily alighting and getting on the vehicle. We have compiled some of the best options of these items you can find on sale.

The Best SUVs for Dogs Reviews

1. Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

If you are looking for a way to carry your pet luxuriously without putting your car seat at risk of getting damaged then the Plush Paws pet seat cover is a recommended choice for you. It is built to be durable and waterproof, able to withstand all sorts of damage from spills, waste or dander as well damage from your dog’s paws. It is made from reinforced layers of fabric yet remains breathable to keep your dog comfortable during a car ride.

Top Features

With a width of 55″ and a length of 58″ this seat cover is large enough to fit perfectly on most standard vehicles. You can use it as a Hammock or easily lay it down as a rear seat cover for your dog. Plush Paws seat can be used on both leather and most other types of seats. It has a silicone backing which ensures that the seat cover stays in place without sleeping.

Regarding durability and guaranteed protection for your car seat, this seat cover fits the bill. It has extra reinforced layers made from heavy-duty fabric, strong threading, and diamond stitching. It is also built to be waterproof, trapping in liquid effectively all of which helps it to adequately protect your seat so you can ride with your pet without fear of damage or stain. It is breathable ensuring maximum comfort of your pet.

Additional features

It comes with two harnesses and two seat belts which help to keep your pet secure in the seat. This seat cover also has four Velcro openings for inserting seat belts which means you can use the middle and side seat belt of your car with the cover allowing you to safely carry your kid with you as well.

This seat cover is suitable for dogs of different sizes and is designed to be machine washable for easy maintenance. This seat belt has been tension tested to ensure that it doesn’t fade or bleed with use. It is also free from dyes and heavy metals like lead, arsenic or mercury which can be toxic to your pet’s health.


  • The clips might be a bit fragile

Frequently asked questions

Can this product be safely used on leather seats?
Yes it can

2. Solvit Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp

The Solvit Ultralite pet ramp is a recommended alternative for getting your pet safely off and onto your car without stress putting as little pressure as possible on your pets joint and on you as well. It is lightweight yet durable and functional being able to support as much as 150lbs weight despite weighing just 10lbs itself.

Top features

With an ultra-lightweight design, this ramp is at the same time strong enough to hold up as dogs weighing as much as 150lbs. It is made from solid plastic which guarantees some sort of durability even with outdoor use It has a high traction non-slip walking surface that you can trust, and your pet will be confident enough to work on without slipping. It folds in half for easy storage. It also has indentations beneath the railing which makes it easy to carry around as well and a safety release hatch which prevents the ramp from opening up accidentally which can cause injury.


  • Covering might have to be replaced for greater traction

Frequently asked questions

What is the width of this ramp?
Total of 15 inches and 1-inch lip on each side so 13 inches actual flat surface

3. G-color SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs

The F-Color SUV cargo liner is an Extra-large multipurpose cover for your car cargo area suitable for all types of cars from SUVs to station wagons, sedans, minivans and other types of vehicles. This cargo liner helps to protect your car from spills, dander, waster, and water and is convenient to clean by simply wiping away the dirt or vacuuming. It is also machine washable.

Top features

This universal cargo liner measures 55 by 91 inches which allows it to fit conveniently in the cargo area of different types of cars in full size. It is also foldable so you can adjust the size to fit into smaller vehicles as well. It has an anti-slip rubber backing which ensures that the liner stays in place while driving whether you are speeding or you run into bumps on the road providing a stable and comfortable surface for your dog. It features enhanced stitching for added durability. It is also easy to install and suitable for dogs of all sizes.


  • Might slip around more than desired but still mostly stable

Frequently asked questions

What is the dimension of this cargo liner?
This cargo cover for dogs measures 55*91 inch, fits the cars those have the headrests. It is foldable to be adjusted its size to fit specific vehicles.

4. FrontPet Extra Wide Quilted Dog Cargo Cover for SUV

This durable extra-wide dog cargo cover has been reinforced with 600 denier nylon fabric which increases not only its thickness but also its durability. It comes with a vinyl backing which improves it water resistant ability and is designed to fit in almost any SUV size and other vehicles as a convenient cover for the cargo area so you can carry your dog along with you without fear of your pet making a mess.

Top features

This 69 inches by 47 inches extra large SUV cover is sufficiently large enough to accommodate dogs of all sizes and fits perfectly at the back of an SUV. It is also adjustable for smaller sized cargos. This durable liner helps to protect your vehicle from stains and damage, and it is padded to make it more comfortable for your canine. It also features extra-large pockets to keep toys and other things your dog might need for your road trip. It also covers the bumper area making it easy to get off and on without causing damage to your vehicle bumper


  • Suction cups are not quite effective

Informational questions

What is the best SUV for the money

Dog owners make up a big percentage of SUV buyers; it is safe to say that the decision to purchase an SUV is most times influenced by the fact that one has a dog. SUV makers know this, which is why many of them now to try to woo dog owners by adding dog-friendly features specifically in the cars they make.

According to the Automobile Association of America (AAA) the best luxurious SUV for big dogs and small dogs alike based on how dog-friendly these vehicles include: the Volvo XC60, Honda Element, Ford Escape Hybrid, Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Forester, and Toyota Venza. The list for the best small SUV for dogs includes compact hatchbacks like the Mazda3, BMW3, Kia Soul, Nissan Cube and Mini Clubman.

SUVs like the Ford Escape, Volvo XC60, and Hyundai Santa Fe, have accessories which make support their claim to be best large dog SUV such as rubber mats in their cargo area, secure pet barrier as well as tie-down points to hold crates and kennels in place. Other cars such as Toyota Venza come with seat covers designed to be waterproof together with an adjustable booster seat which makes it suitable and recommended as one of the best SUV for big dogs.

Other features commonly found in these SUVs that makes them even more suited for dogs of all sizes include a lower ground clearance and accessories such as ramps, hose-off interiors making it a lot easier to clean. Some also come with a mesh and metal kennel fitted into the cargo area along with a spill proof bowl and bed mats as seen in the Honda Element. The package in some SUVs even includes tote bags with leash, collar and dog tag as well as bag dispenser and so on. All of these are features to consider when looking for the best SUVs. Of course, your requirements might vary if you are looking for the best SUVs for large dogs or smaller sized dogs.

How to transport a dog in a car

Whether it is to visit the vet or a fun picnic or road trip, traveling with your pet is almost inevitable. So what the right way to transport your dog when traveling in your car. As you might know already, letting your dog stay freely at the back of your vehicle without proper restraints is like having a kid in the back seat without seat belts as this puts them at risk of being hurt. Some states have laws in place that punishes defaulters that transport pets incorrectly. Here are some important basic rules to adhere to.

It is wrong to let your dog sit freely in the back seat or front with you or worse still on your lap, as they might be a distraction. Instead, you can keep them secured in place with:

  1. Crash tested crates: this is especially easy for carrying small dogs since it is easier to find a small dog cage for the back of SUV inside which you can place your pet conveniently.
  2. Use a dog harness and seat belt
  3. Use a zip line harness
  4. Backseat hammock

Alternatively, you can carry your dog in the cargo area and make use of a dog Suv cargo liner

These are few of the options you can explore. Here are additional safety rules to follow when traveling with a dog:

  1. Diable power windows
  2. Take breaks occasionally when taking long trips
  3. Use a back seat barrier

How to get a large dog into a car

It is important to know how to get your large dog into a car even if your dog can jump on its own. This helps to reduce how much stress that is placed in your dog’s joint and prevents injuries. While it is easy to simply leave a small pooch and place it in the car, the same doesn’t apply to the large dog breeds since they are a lot heavier.
To get a large dog into your car, you need to learn the cradle method. This involves placing your dog’s front paws on the floor of the vehicle then cradling its hind feet while lifting them to help the dog into the vehicle. Alternatively, you can make use of a dog ramp that can support a large dog’s weight to get on an off the car.

How to put a dog in a car

Putting a small dog in your car isn’t too difficult a task. Small dog breeds are usually lightweight and easier to carry. The challenge is with bigger dogs which are difficult to carry. To get them into your vehicle without stressing yourself too much, you need some workarounds. One of them is the cradling methods described above; it is a simple yet efficient way to get medium and large sized dogs to get them into your car without stressing yourself. Another effective method is to make use of a dog ramp. However, this requires some time and effort to train your dog until it gets used to the idea of getting on an off using a ramp. But once you can achieve this, putting your dog in the car will be a lot easier.

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