Dog Water Fountains Here: Comparison and Buyer’s Guide!

Water is an essential element for our pets. It is simply necessary to drink fresh water to stay healthy and hydrated.

A plain traditional bowl cannot be efficient in encouraging your dog to drink because it has several flaws. First of all, it might be not big enough, especially for larger breeds. Secondly, still water is a place where bacteria may grow, and it results in odor and a bad taste. Stagnant water smells really terrible!

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1. Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Pet Fountain1. Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Pet FountainView on Amazon
2. Uniclife - Pet Water Fountain, Dog Cat Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl with LED Light2. Uniclife - Pet Water Fountain, Dog Cat Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl with LED LightView on Amazon
3. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain3. Drinkwell 360 Pet FountainView on Amazon
4. K&H Pet Products - CleanFlow Water Filter with Reservoir4. K&H Pet Products - CleanFlow Water Filter with ReservoirView on Amazon
5. Dogit - Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain5. Dogit - Fresh & Clear Drinking FountainView on Amazon
6. PetSafe - Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water Fountain6. PetSafe - Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water FountainView on Amazon
7. PetSafe Drinkwell - Seascape Dog Pet Fountain7. PetSafe Drinkwell - Seascape Dog Pet FountainView on Amazon
8. Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Fountain8. Dog Mate Large Fresh Water FountainView on Amazon
9. Catit Fountain9. Catit FountainView on Amazon
10. PetSafe Drinkwell - Water Fountain, for Large Breeds and Numerous Pet Households10. PetSafe Drinkwell - Water Fountain, for Large Breeds and Numerous Pet HouseholdsView on Amazon
Don’t worry; this problem is already solved by the best dog water fountains. They produce a steady circulation of liquid so it stays fresh. The filters built in the items keep the hair and junk away. And the general capacity is bigger so you don’t have to refill it that often.

Let’s face it; the best dog water bowl should have several filtration stages and nonstop water flow. This way you can be sure that your beloved pooch or kitty gets an ideal treatment.

When picking the item please note that the size depends on the breed. The small and medium dogs require less water and their fountains are usually not so tall. The larger dogs and those animals that have joint problems would benefit from “taller” options.

I’ve also put several versatile waterers for those who have more than one pet. Don’t worry; they can be used by cats too. So start a active hydrated life of your pet today with one of these top-rated products.

Look at these 10 Dog Water Fountains:

1. Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Pet Fountain

Practicality 85%

The hydration is essential to every being, including humans and dogs. Our beloved pets should drink a reasonable amount of water, too! There is a way to embolden it and present them with pure and fresh water. Fountains for drinking are remarkably good for this purpose.

This item is amazing in its functionality. First of all, I should mention an elevated design of the whole system. It is beneficial because it is made with the idea of natural drinking position. Usual bowls are too low for pets to feel comfortable. And this item is exceptionally suitable for large breeds and older animals. It is also suitable for cats.

The second reason to consider getting this product is the continuous water supply – it circulates to stay fresh and get oxygen from the environment. It makes the water tastier. The surface is enlarged for this reason.

The item contains 200 fl oz of water – great number, isn’t it? This amount is enough to provide several dogs with liquid for a couple of days. It saves time and ensures that your pet won’t suffer from dehydration. And the liquid circulates uninterrupted so the water is fresh and tasty.

There is also a filtering system that includes several stages. It collects remains, hair, and food leftovers. Overall, it is a very efficient and nice-looking item that can boast about of high-functionality. It works silently. The only time you hear a specific noise is when it runs out of liquid. Therefore, you know that you need to add some more.


2. Uniclife – Pet Water Fountain, Dog Cat Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl with LED Light

Practicality 86%

This item is suitable for small and medium breeds. And it can be also used for cats so if you have several animals in the house, you might find it an advantageous choice. The construction is well-thought as it leaves enough space for your pet to drink comfortably. There is a wide drinking surface that makes it convenient to use by any animal.

The whole dog drinking fountain is manufactured from plastic that is completely safe to use and drink from (it is not toxic; food grade, and BPA-free!) It has no specific smell or taste and is very lasting. So don’t worry about it – your pets will be safe and hydrated.

Another appealing feature of this particular item is a free-falling stream. This construction allows liquid to enrich itself with oxygen. It also helps to keep it hygienic and tasty. The stream tension can be adjusted, too!

The capacity of the item is 60 fl oz and it is a decent amount of water. It stays pure thanks to carbon activated filter that eliminates the remains and hair. There will be no food leftovers or whatsoever trash in the item.

And I haven’t told you about one of the most exciting features of this product. It has LED lights built in – they ensure gentle light that shows the way to the water at night. Your animals will find it without any effort even in the no-light and low-light conditions.

The mechanism is powered by a low voltage system. It works almost completely silent – the noise won’t interfere with your everyday routine.

Please note that the pump should be washed once in two weeks. The filter can be replaced in 2-4 weeks, depending on how filled it is.


3. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Practicality 85%

This product is extremely convenient. It is not only beautiful but also very functional as it can be used by multiple animals at the same time. And it is made of stainless steel – this is awesome and lasting material. It will serve you for ages and it is hygienic to use for food and drinking purposes. By the way, it can be washed in the dishwasher. That makes the item amazingly easy to maintain.

The overall capacity is 128 fl oz – quite enough for several pets. It is good for dogs of all breeds as the streams are quite tall. The cats will love it too as there is a drinking surface that is rather low for smaller pets.

Let’s talk about free-falling streams – they are outstanding! The construction of the item ensures a high level of customization. There could be from 1 to 5 streams at a time – you can choose a suitable amount. 5 spout rings are provided for this purpose. And the streams are changeable – thanks to the control caps, it is simple to change the flow tension and density.

The filtration system contains two stages. The first one is carbon filter – this simple thing cares about the smell and taste. The second one is a foam filter. Its main concern is to keep the hair and debris away.

There will be no splashing sound because ramp reduces it. Overall, this dog water bowl fountain operates silently.


4. K&H Pet Products – CleanFlow Water Filter with Reservoir

Practicality 85%

No one likes still water that sits for hours – it tastes worse than the one from a bog and is unhealthy. You won’t drink it so don’t expect it that your pet would love it. And the solution is simple – the continuous flow – it keeps the liquid in its best condition.

This product is available in three sizes so you can choose the most suitable one for your pet. It goes together with an additional reservoir that is a good investment. The bowl capacity is 80 fl oz and the tank is 90 fl oz, so together it is 170 fl oz. It is an ideal supply to keep your beloved animal well-hydrated.

What I like about this reservoir is that it is transparent and easy to see when you need to refill it. It is very simple in maintenance as the bowl can be cleansed with a dishwasher. The disassembly and assembly of the whole construction can be done in minutes without almost any efforts.

There are no streams and splashes, but the water surface is wide and enriches the liquid with oxygen. The circulation is continual and ensured by the design of the item. The liquid is filtered, and all the trash and hair are collected safely.

This item makes no noises while operating. And it is leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the floor.

And the material is safe to use as it is BPA-free and therefore non-toxic.


5. Dogit – Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain

Practicality 83%

If you are looking for a large dog water fountain, search no more – this product will meet all your requirements. It is designed specifically for large breeds and is fascinating in its functionality.

The construction is elevated to make it convenient and comfortable to use. It helps to keep natural position and provides no extensive pressure on the neck muscles. This structure is also beneficial for older pets and the ones experiencing joint issues or painful conditions.

The overall volume of this dish is outstanding – it holds 355 fl oz! Even if you have several large breed dogs in your household, they will be all perfectly hydrated without daily refilling. And the reservoir is rather transparent, so you’ll see when the refilling is necessary.

The designer really thought the item through. The product eliminates any splashes and water spillage – so you floor will be safe!

Of course, the item is equipped with an integrated filter to keep the liquid cleaner. Generally, this fountain gives your pet a fascinating experience of drinking running water. It tastes better and, therefore, your dogs consume enough liquid, which will bust their health and immune system.

The mechanism works efficiently without extensive noise. There will be no changing water bowl several times a day because of the remains or stagnancy. It is always in its best condition!

The item is simple to wash and fill in. The material is BPA-free and safe for your pets.


6. PetSafe – Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water Fountain

Practicality 80%

If you have several favorite beasts that differ in size and breed, take this option into consideration. This item has two levels of drinking surface, which is a smart decision. This way you can present hydration for all your pets – cats and dogs. And the upper level is beneficial for older animals or those who have arthritis. By using it, they won’t put any pressure on their joints and muscles.

The second point why this construction is impressive is that several pets can drink simultaneously. It is both suitable for puppies and adult dogs.

The item is produced from high-quality plastic. It is a solid piece that is safe to use and has nothing toxic about it – it is BPA-free. You will be glad to hear that it is dishwasher-friendly. It just saves so much time and effort!

Let’s go back to the water supply functions. The item holds 100 fl oz of liquid and is quite enough for a couple of days. The mechanism is not noisy at all – it uses a low-voltage powering system to keep it silent.

The included carbon filter removes the odor and the bad taste. You can simply replace it when it is full. All the remains and hair are also collected to keep the liquid cleaner. The circulation goes steadily. There is a small stream from one level to another one, but it produces no splashes because of the convenient diagonal panel.


7. PetSafe Drinkwell – Seascape Dog Pet Fountain

Practicality 86%

Small and medium dogs require less water. It is said that 1/2 or 1 ounce of liquid should be consumed daily for 1 lbs of the pouch’s weight. This dog water filter
is compact and has a capacity of 70 fl oz. It stands out from the crowd of competitors because of its minimalistic design and broad drinking surface. If you have a cat – it will also be a fan of this item.

The bowl is ceramic and it is a huge advantage as it is stable, solid and hygienic. This substance is fantastic! You can also safely put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

The filtering system consists of two parts. One is a carbon filter that cares for the clearness of water. It ensures the excellent taste and smell. The second part is a foam one that holds the detritus and hair away from the water. Both filters can be simply changed.

The mechanism is fascinatingly quiet and the flow is gentle. The circulation is nonstop and the bowl construction allows several animals to approach simultaneously.

Overall, this is a lasting and reliable item. It is produced of extremely hygienic material and features an innovative design that suits your modern interior.

The dual filtration ensures that your pet is hydrated, which is a necessary condition for it to stay athletic and improve its well-being.


8. Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Fountain

Practicality 83%

This item is versatile in its construction. It is suitable for numerous animals of various sizes, both dogs and cats. The construction allows a wide range of use because it has two levels. The top level is elevated and can be used by larger breeds or older animals.

The bottom layer is broader and is convenient for tiny and medium dogs and cats. They can drink simultaneously, and there will be enough of water for them as the item holds 200 fl oz. This capacity is convenient for a pet owner because you don’t have to worry about refilling it every day. And if you leave your pets for a whole day, they will stay hydrated and active.

The powering cable is 10 feet long, and it gives you a certain amount of freedom regarding the positioning. Now you don’t have to put it near the wall. The mechanism is pretty quiet so the noise won’t influence your daily life. It is a low-powered item, which is excellent as it is safer and has less impact on your electricity bill.

The flow can be altered according to your desires without any extra effort. It is quite gentle to eliminate splashes and keep your floor dry.

The filter is also included as it keeps everything fresh and clean, the trash and hair won’t bother your pets anymore. It is replicable. The manufacturer recommends changing it once a month or even sooner when it is filled.


9. Catit Fountain

Practicality 82%

Yes, it is originally a cat waterer, but it can also be used by small and medium-sized dogs. It is an outstanding item because it is highly functional and allows a remarkable level of customization.

There are three settings of the water flow, which is exciting! Even if you have an extremely picky pet, it will fall in love with this product. The flower accessory can be taken out to provide a broad drinking surface without streams. It can also be used without the yellow pith – this way there will be streams with the bubbles on top. And the third mode is with the yellow pith – it ensures 6 free-falling streams of incredibly tasty water.

Basically, this construction gives you three fountains in one – you really can have it all together. And the system is simple, and disassembly takes seconds. It saves time and ensures easy cleaning.

The overall design of the product is ergonomic as it takes a minimal amount of space. It is also remarkably stable and won’t be turned over. The filtering system is packed in the elevated structure. The water circulation provides the best oxygenation and freshness. There will be no funky odor or taste to it.

Filters safely hold all the hair. This procedure consists of two stages and softens water as well. The overall capacity is 100 fl oz.

The item consummates a low level of electricity and is not noisy. If you hear an extensive noise it means that it is time to refill it. And, last but not least, just look at this flower design! It is colorful and will bring spring fleur too your house.


10. PetSafe Drinkwell – Water Fountain, for Large Breeds and Numerous Pet Households

Practicality 85%

This is one more item for large breeds. It can also serve you perfectly if you are a proud owner of several animals. It has been designed for big dogs and large families.

The item’s volume will make your day! It holds 288 fl oz and supplies your pets with clear water for a couple of days before it needs to be refilled. I personally like the transparent reservoir as it is easy to see when the refilling is required. And you can simply take it and fill with water without any effort because it is removable with the capacity of 128 fl oz. The disassembly is simple, but there is a snap to prevent your pets from accidentally removing it.

The manufacturer cares about the safety of your pet. Therefore the material, which the item is made of, is BPA-free. And the cord is finished with an anti-bite cover so if your animal is a “gifted” chewer, it is not a problem anymore.

You can cleanse this item in a dishwasher without any efforts. Please note that reservoir should not be put in the dishwasher. The bowl is 5” deep and gives a broad drinkable surface. It is not only convenient for dogs but also ensures fantastic oxygenation of the water.

The circulation of the flow is consistent and keeps the liquid fresh. It also eliminates the possible bacteria growth and prevents the stagnancy of still water. The flow tension can be adjusted.



This list includes dog waterer reviews of top 10 products that are efficient, safe, and longstanding. They are all beneficial for various reasons, and you should pick the right one for your dog or cat. The first thing to take into consideration is your pet’s breed. If you have several animals at home, take the versatile one.

I’ve picked them because they are innovative and beneficial. Remember that your pet needs to drink the necessary amount of clean water every day. These items are produced to make it simpler and encourage such behavior.

They are simple in maintenance and will save your time and effort. Invest in your pet’s health today!

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