Cat Trees For Large Cats – Buyer’s Guide!

If you have large cats wandering around your home you already know how important it is to have the right toys for them. You want to make sure they’re comfortable and happy and that means something they can climb on. But with larger cats it can be difficult to find something that works. Trust me, I know large cats, because I have some of my own. A cat tree gives them somewhere to have fun and that’s why you want to know which ones can make a big difference for you.

List of Top-Rated Cat Trees For Large Cats

Product ImageProduct NameHeightLevelsColorMaterialHousesMore Information
1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree - Best for All Around Fun1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree - Best for All Around Fun72”7BeigeFaux Fur/Pressed Wood3More Information
2. Shop4Omni Cat Tree Lounge Tower - Best for Perching2. Shop4Omni Cat Tree Lounge Tower - Best for Perching72”8BrownFaux Fur/Pressed Wood2More Information
3. OxGord Cat Tree House - Best For Levels and Features3. OxGord Cat Tree House - Best For Levels and Features76”10BeigeFaux Fleece/Pressed Wood1More Information
4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo - For Inexpensive Features4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo - For Inexpensive Features67”7BrownFaux Fur/Wood2More Information
5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Leopard - Best for Fun Design5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Leopard - Best for Fun Design72”15LeopardFaux Fur/Pressed Wood2More Information

The Best Cat Trees For Large Cats Reviews

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree – Best for All Around Fun

It’s in your cat’s nature to want to climb and when they don’t have anything that they’re allowed to climb they tend to climb everything that you don’t want them to. This cat tree is large enough that they’re definitely not going to get bored with it and there are plenty of places for them to sprawl out, play and a whole lot more. That makes it a great addition to your house, wherever you can find to fit it.

Play Space

If you want your cats to have a lot of play space this is a great way to do it without the huge footprint. You don’t need a lot of floor space in your room, all you need is a small spot to put it and plenty of height in the room. What are you doing with all of that height anyway? Probably not much, right?

With this system you’re getting about 7 different levels that your cat can climb on, sleep on or play on. What could be better than that? You’ve got cat condos, ropes, beds and even scratching posts. All of that together makes it easy for your cats to have fun.

High Quality Materials

The materials that your cat tree is made of will impact how long it lasts. With this one you’re getting pressed board that’s covered in a faux fur. The pressed board keeps the price down compared to regular wood, but still makes sure that the tree itself is sturdy. After all, you don’t want it to be too lightweight for your cats to play on.

The faux fur that’s put over the pressed board is soft and cozy for your cats. In fact, it probably feels similar to your carpet and that’s their favorite place to lay, right? With the faux fur you can be sure your cats will want to lay here instead of on your furniture. Plus, the posts are covered in rope that works great for scratching and climbing.

Are the Pads Large Enough For Bigger Cats?

Absolutely, the pads will make it easy for even your larger cats to sprawl out and get a good nap or stand up and play. They can easily hold kittens and smaller cats or fully-grown adults and even seniors.

This is definitely the type of cat tree that your fur baby is going to love. It has a little bit of everything and it’s sturdy enough for them to climb all over. This will be a great alternative to them climbing all over your furniture.

2. Shop4Omni Cat Tree Lounge Tower – Best for Perching

If your cat loves to perch on the tallest thing they can find this is a great way to help them. It’s actually 72” in total height and it has several different pads, steps and everything else your cat could need in order to get comfy. Even more, it’s going to work well for smaller cats or larger ones, so everyone can get on with their day.

Overall Size

The size of this cat tree is going to be great even for smaller homes. That’s because it takes up less space on your floor and more space between the floor and the ceiling, where you’re not doing anything anyway. You’ll have 8 different levels that your cat can spend time on, sitting, sleeping, playing and anything else they might want. You’ll also have condos and even toys and steps that make it easier to get up for those who may not have claws.

Because it doesn’t take up a lot of space over the floor this is great for those who have cats that prefer being up in the air. After all, what cat doesn’t want to get to the highest point they can? With each pedestal a little taller than the last this one will help your cats touch the sky, or feel like it at least.

Construction & Materials

Putting this cat tree together isn’t going to take much because everything you need is included. The tools and the hardware come with the tree itself and all the pieces go together quite easily. That means your cats will be able to start climbing all over it faster than you might think. Of course, the actual materials are going to be an important aspect too.

This cat tree is made with pressed board to provide the durability that you expect. It also has faux fur over the top that makes it even softer. This helps your cat feel comfortable sleeping and playing here. The rope that covers the poles make it easy to climb or for your cats to sharpen their claws. After all, you don’t want them doing it around the house, right?

Is it Strong?

Yes, this cat tree is designed to be strong and ready for even your larger cats. The platforms are built with different size cats in mind and help them feel safe climbing.

This is a fun cat tree that cats of all sizes and ages will enjoy. It gives them something to climb all over that you’re not going to worry about. Not only that but it keeps them off the furniture.

3. OxGord Cat Tree House – Best For Levels and Features

There’s no getting around the fact that your cat wants to have a lot of fun. And you want to make sure they can, right? Well, this cat tree is going to make sure they have everything they could possibly want. It’s actually quite large all around, and it’s going to give your cat the features that they’re looking for in their next favorite toy. Why would you want them to sacrifice anything?

Size and Features

Here you’re going to have a really large cat tree that combines all of the features that your cats are looking for. It’s 76” tall and actually 96” wide, which means you’re going to need quite a bit of space to set it up. Once you do though, your cats are going to absolutely love this playground. It’s got steps, cubby holes, condos, ropes, beds and a whole lot more that they can run all over and play on.

The features make it a great selection and the fact that there are 10 different levels to choose from are going to make your cats day. If you have multiple cats this will be one that they are going to even enjoy playing on together, because there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Overall Construction

What is the tower itself made of and can you trust it with your cats? Yes, you can. That’s because it’s made with pressed wood that’s durable and built to last. Even with larger cats, it’s designed to hold their weight and to make sure they feel comfortable and confident climbing all the way to the top. Your cats can definitely tell their balance and they’re not going to enjoy something that feels unsecured.

The faux fleece that’s over the top makes sure that your cats stay nice and warm and comfortable while they’re playing. It’s soft under their paws and cozy when they take a nap. The rope around the poles is also great for scratching, climbing and a whole lot more.

How Big Are the Baskets?

The baskets are large enough to hold a larger cat and will make sure they’re comfortable and wrapped up the way they prefer. Smaller cats may prefer these baskets a little better.

Does it Attach to the Ceiling?

Yes, there is a bar that helps attach this tree all the way to the ceiling so you can feel more confident about your cats climbing all the way up. It’s going to be secured all the way around.

Are the Materials Durable?

The materials are all designed to be durable and to stand up to the use and abuse that your cats can definitely put them through. That includes the ropes, fleece and pressed board.

Overall, this is a high-quality cat tree that gives your cats more than just height to climb. It actually gives them plenty of space to spread out and play everywhere.

4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo – For Inexpensive Features

If you want your cats to have a great place to play but you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on it this is the way to go. It actually gives you and your cats what you’re looking for because it has features and space to climb but also doesn’t cost you way too much money. You can enjoy watching them play knowing that you’re doing everything you can.

Size and Features

There are plenty of different features associated with this cat tree. It’s going to give your cat 7 different levels that they can climb, play, sleep and jump on, which is just what your cat wants to do. It’s also going to give them some toys and even condos that they can sleep and play on. The design makes sure they’re safe while they’re doing all of these things too.

The overall size is great for homes that may have a smaller footprint but still want their cats to have a whole lot of fun. The platforms and the condos are large enough even for bigger cats and everything is made to work for smaller kittens and cats as well.

Material Construction

This cat tree is actually made of wood, which means it’s more durable even than the pressed wood versions you’ve probably seen. This makes sure that it’s strong enough to support your cat easily and also that you can move it around as needed. You won’t have to worry about bending or straining anything while you’re getting it from one place to the next.

The platforms are each coated with a faux fur that makes them soft and comfortable for your cat to play on for an extended period. They’ll be able to climb all over and then lay down for their next nap (since they do that quite a bit too) without even having to come down.

Does it Last a Long Time?

This cat tree is designed to last as long as you want it. Though the rope can be a little bit less quality, the overall system is definitely made to withstand abuse.

Are the Pedestals Large Enough For Bigger Cats?

The pedestals are designed to hold cats of just about any size. They are large enough to keep them comfortable even while they’re sleeping or playing.

Can I Replace the Rope Around the Poles?

Replacing the rope could be as simple as just using a hot glue gun to stick it right back on or getting a new rope that you can wrap all the way around and glue on.

This cat tree gives your cats plenty of space to play and also makes for a cute addition to any room in your house. Your cats are definitely going to love it.

5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Leopard – Best for Fun Design

If you want something that looks like a whole lot of fun and also gives your cats the space that they need to run around and be free this is the way to do it. This system actually has leopard print all over it so you’re going to be making a statement in your space. If you’re interested in fun it’s a really great way to go.

Size and Features

This system is actually quite narrow around the bottom so you don’t have to worry too much about the footprint that it’s going to take up. Rather, it takes up a lot of space above the floor. This is where your cat wants to be because it gives them the freedom to climb and run and play. The different platforms and condos and even the stairs make it easier for your cat to get around the way they want.

The features include toys hanging, condos, stairs and more. That way your cat can play the way they want but you don’t have to worry about those toys being scattered all across your floor. Instead, they’re attached right to the tree where your cats play and sleep.

Materials and Construction

You want a cat tree that’s made with high-quality materials and this one is definitely that. It’s made with a high-quality pressed board for durability and for comfort on your part and your cats. That way you both know that the system itself is going to support them even in their more active and strenuous play.

The faux fur makes it easy for them to get comfortable and to want to play for an extended period of time. Not only that but the rope around the poles helps them to sharpen those clothes without using your other furniture to do it.

Is it Easy to Put Together?

Putting this system together won’t take too long and it doesn’t take a whole lot of skill or strength either. Just about anyone will be able to do it.

Can This Be Used By More Than One Cat?

Your cats are definitely going to like playing on this together. They’re going to be climbing all over it, racing each other up and down and more.

This is a great choice for those with one or more cats who want a place for them to play. It’s designed to give them everything they need and then some, so they’ll be content and so will you.


There are so many cat trees out there that it’s hard to pick out just the right one. But how are you going to do it if you don’t try? If you take a look at each of these options you’re almost sure to find something you’ll love. That’s because they each let your cats climb and let them have their own personality (and a little playtime too).

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