Pet Stain Removers Here: Comparison and Buyer’s Guide!

Pet Stain Remover

There is an unpleasant myth that if you have a pet there is no way you are going to beat the urine odor. Even if your pet is well-trained, well… the incidents might occur. And when it comes to puppies, the risk is unavoidable. But you know what? This myth is completely wrong!

Of course, there is no way you can eliminate pet pee risks permanently. But there is a good way to destroy the odor – just get the best pet stain remover. And with a good product, those incidents won’t really bother you anymore because now you can wipe them away.

PhotoProduct nameSizeCleaning formulaMore information
1. Sunny & Honey – Pet Stain & Odor Cleaner, 1 Gallon1. Sunny & Honey1 GallonEnzyme cleanerView on Amazon
2. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co – Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator2. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co1 GallonEnzyme cleanerView on Amazon
3. Bissell – 2X Pet Stain & Odor Machine Formula, 60 fl oz.3. Bissell60 fl oz.Scotchgard protectorView on Amazon
4. Rug Doctor – Platinum Pure for Pets, Cleaning Solution, Protects Carpet from Future Stains, 52 fl oz.4. Rug Doctor – Platinum Pure for Pets52 fl oz.Pro-enzymatic formulaView on Amazon
5. Nature's Miracle – Advanced Pet Trigger Sprayer5. Nature's Miracle24-Ounce
Advanced oxygen infused, bio-enzymatic formulaView on Amazon
6. Angry Orange – Pet Odor Eliminator, Industrial Strength, 8 fl oz. Concentrate6. Angry Orange – Pet Odor Eliminator8 fl oz.Cold press custom formulaView on Amazon
7. Nature's Miracle – Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator7. Nature's Miracle32-OunceTargeted bio-enzymatic formulaView on Amazon
8. Nature's Miracle – Stain & Odor Remover, Orange-Oxy, Trigger Spray8. Nature's Miracle – Stain & Odor Remover1 GallonDual action oxy formulaView on Amazon
9. Resolve – Pet Expert Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, 22 fl oz.9. Resolve – Pet Expert Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner22 fl oz.Triple Oxi Action powerView on Amazon
10. Rug Doctor – Carpet Cleaning Solution, Works in All Leading Deep-Cleaning Machines, 64 fl oz.10. Rug Doctor – Carpet Cleaning Solution64 fl oz.Strong pro-enzymatic FormulaView on Amazon
Dog urine stain and odor remover is a good way to keep your house clean. There are even choices that help you to fight the smell outside the house – on the sidewalks and around the bushes.

First of all, pay attention to the formula. There are options for machine operation, they are concentrated and need to be mixed with hot tap water.

Secondly, there are items for hand cleaning. They might be bottled traditionally or go in the trigger spraying design – which one you choose is really up to you.

Please remember that the best carpet pet stain remover is safe to use in your housing as it has no severe chemicals in it. And it also prevents re-marking of the same spot.

List of 10 amazing pet stain removers:

1. Sunny & Honey – Pet Stain & Odor Cleaner, 1 Gallon

Practicality 83%

Pets bring us joy and love – there is no doubt about it. They can also bring some inconvenience, though, such as stains and spots on the floor / carpet. It is so topical when it comes to puppies. They are so tiny and innocent, but you need to teach them everything.

If you have a dog, you know that spots are inevitable because it just happens sometimes. There is really no need to make a big deal of it because there are extremely good products out there to help you out. This one belongs to the most high-quality, efficient items.

Let’s start with the well-thought formula that features natural enzymes. They are amazing when it comes to removing traces of urine, vomit or feces.

The appealing feature of this one is that is it good for a wide variety of surfaces. You can apply it to the carpet, the floor, or furniture. This item saves time and money as you need only one product for the whole house because it is suitable for wood, leather and even for car upholstery.

The mint scent of the liquid is nice and not too strong. The product does not only eliminate the odor but also brings fresh spring vibes to your housing. Needless to say, the thing is safe to use in the presence of children and animals. Don’t worry, it is not toxic and won’t harm your kids.

Another nice bonus: the manufacturer donates 10% of their profit to animal rescues and shelters, so if you are into that, this item is for you.


2. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co – Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Practicality 83%

If you have several animals at home, you know how messy it can get. Cats and dogs can happily live together, but they can also damage some surfaces, too. The smell of urine is hard to get rid of, and it is very distinctive. This item is fascinatingly good in eliminating this specific odor. If you want to get rid of it for good – it is an ideal product for you.

The composition features bio-enzymes for the increased efficiency. The urine spots are not covered and made slightly less strong. They are completely removed from your carpet. It will be as clean as before the incident. And there will be no odor anymore.

It is completely safe to use around kids and animals. There is no chlorine in the composition. It is neither toxic nor harmful. And by the way – it doesn’t affect the color of your carpet! The color of your rug won’t bleach or become dim; it stays as bright as new.

Basically, this product is good for all possible bodily fluids like urine, vomit, and feces. It doesn’t harm people or pets. And it is gentle to your carpet. Don’t worry, it is not only for rugs – the item is truly versatile.

You can use it with any textile fabrics – from furniture to clothes and kennels. It is also suitable for the floor.


3. Bissell – 2X Pet Stain & Odor Machine Formula, 60 fl oz.

Practicality 85%

This product is designed and made for use in the upright machines (Bissell, Rug Doctor, Hoover, etc.), so if you have one and use it for carpet and floor cleaning, this might interest you. First of all, it is advantageous because you don’t have to do it with your hand. The machine will do the dirty work for you, and you won’t touch a thing.

Secondly, the composition of this product is 2X concentrated, which means that the formula has two times more active elements to increase the effectiveness. It is an outstanding thing that really does the job. The main idea is deep cleaning – to get to the core of a stain and make it disappear for good.

Another essential feature of this composition is that it protects the carpet from future damages. It is a very advantageous element as you can protect it and make future cleaning much easier.

This formula is safe and can be used around people and animals although you should be careful to read the instructions as it is eye-irritant.

Thanks to a deep cleaning design, the spots are removed permanently together with the odor. It helps to eliminate urine, dirt, soils or anything else which you don’t want on your carpet.

What I personally find exciting is the sustainable design of the item. The formula is environmentally-friendly and features no heavy metals or phosphates. It is completely biodegradable so it will not pollute the eco-system of our planet.


4. Rug Doctor – Platinum Pure for Pets, Cleaning Solution, Protects Carpet from Future Stains, 52 fl oz.

Practicality 82%

There is a way to measure the effectiveness of the cleaning solutions and their gentle treatment of the carpet. The special testing scientific program was developed and launched by the Carpet and Rug Institute. It is called the seal of approval and features several testing stages to define how well the product performs and how it affects the rug.

You will be pleased to know that this product got the seal of approval, and this is a mark of a high-quality item. This cleaner works to get out all of the unwanted elements from the texture of the surface. All the spots disappear permanently together with the unpleasant smell. There will be no urine odor anymore.

The composition of the thing is designed the way to provide a continuous cleaning – up to 24 hours. This is an amazing advantage. By the way, it is not only continuous, but also deep. The formula is concentrated, so be careful and don’t use too much at once. The scent of the product is very fresh and nice, so you will get this feeling of a new start.

The formula also eliminates the risk of remarking of the spot by your pets. It saves time and helps to prevent constant damage.

Needless to say, this item is gentle for textiles, and the rug stays as bright as it was before the incident happened. This shampoo solution is remarkably powerful. You can use it on any textile surface. Please note that it is not made to be used on the floor or wood.

It is made to use with a deep cleaning carpet-leading machine. Just mix the concentrate with hot water and add it to the machine you own. Please carefully read the instructions before the use because the liquid might irritate eyes and skin.


5. Nature’s Miracle – Advanced Pet Trigger Sprayer

Practicality 84%

This product goes in a very convenient packaging. The bottle top features spraying design so you can simply apply it directly to the spot. I like it very much because it is easy to use and the stream focuses on the thing you want to get rid of, so it is not messy at all.

If your dog happened to do some damage to your favorite rug, don’t worry – it can all be fixed with little effort. Leave it for a good amount of time so it gets to the core of the stain and destroys it. And after the product has done its magic, just wipe it away.

This formula is concentrated and designed for the severe mess, so don’t be afraid to use it. It is good in removing any organic stains, for instance, urine, blood, vomit, feces. And it is also outstanding when it comes to eliminating the odor. This capability also ensures that there will be no re-soiling.

Dogs may mark the spots around the house. And if the smell they leave with their urine is still around, they might eventually re-soil it again and again just because they sense the odor. This product removes it completely for good, so there will be no chance for your dog to find and mark the spot again.


6. Angry Orange – Pet Odor Eliminator, Industrial Strength, 8 fl oz. Concentrate

Practicality 84%

First of all, I know, 8 fl oz. seems like a small number when it comes to cleaning solutions. Don’t worry; it is a super concentrate that should be mixed with water. Basically, with this amount, you get 1 gallon of extremely strong and reliable product. So this is a good deal that saves time, money, and space.

This item is amazingly efficient in removing even the worst stains and the toughest cases. It was developed and designed for the industrial use – like in poultry farms. So it is strong enough to get rid of all possible organic odors and spills.

The appealing characteristic of this thing is that it is safe and natural. Overall, the main active component is produced from orange peels’ oil. So it is natural, safe to spray around the areas with children and animals, as it is not toxic. Another great thing about natural components is that this product is biodegradable, which means it’s Earth-friendly.

This product is versatile by nature and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces not only inside the house, but also outside, for instance, in the yard, around the bushes, on sidewalks and driveways. Moreover, you can also spray it on the grass in case the bad smell appears there.


7. Nature’s Miracle – Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator

Practicality 85%

I’ve put another product by the same manufacturer as it is very good. And also because this one is specifically designed to conquer the urine stains and specific smell. The main focus of the formula is to remove the yellow stains fully and leave no trace of their presence whatsoever.

The composition is remarkably efficient thanks to bio-enzymatic formula. The active ingredients fight the smell right in the core of the spot. There will be no stains, smell, and stickiness on your carpet anymore.

Dogs like to mark their territory and it takes time and effort to teach them not to do so. And even with the most trained dog an incident might happen, not mentioning puppies. Tiny little puppies are so cute but they have a whole life ahead of them to be trained. When they are so small, there is no way you can eliminate completely the risk of staining carpet or floor.

The main goal is to clean the surface in the gentlest but effective way so there will be no visible traces and there will be no specific scent. The odor might provoke re-soiling of the same spot so it is crucial to get rid of it permanently.

That’s why this product is so beneficial. It removes urine completely (even under the blacklight!) and is gentle to the surface and provides no damage to it. You can apply it to textile items, such as carpets or rugs. It can be also used on furniture and the floor.


8. Nature’s Miracle – Stain & Odor Remover, Orange-Oxy, Trigger Spray

Practicality 83%

The main difference of this item is that it focuses on the deep stains and those that have been there for a while. Of course, it is always better to react as soon as possible and try to remove the urine of feces right away. But the fact is that the stain might not be visible right away. For instance, it can be found after a while under the sofa or behind the furniture.

If you think that this is a dead case, don’t worry. This composition is strong enough to get rid of it. The main active ingredients are orange extract and oxygen concentrate – together they ensure the best result. The longer the spot was there, the more time the formula needs to truly remove everything. If you’ve discovered a deep stain, you need to soak it with the product and leave it to work for overnight.

One more benefit of the orange-derived element in the composition is an amazing fresh scent the item has. It not only destroys the unpleasant odor but provides the fascinating freshness to your housing.

You can use it without any doubts as it is safe for kids and animals, of course. The composition is suitable for textile surfaces and floor. You can clean the kennel with it or apply it to the pet’s bed.

The liquid is clear and it leaves no marks on the white surfaces.


9. Resolve – Pet Expert Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, 22 fl oz.

Practicality 84%

It is always good to have something versatile to clean any mess. There are so many products, so it is easy to get lost in them. This one is good as it is not only ideal for removing traces of pets’ activity, but it is also suitable for getting rid of traditional stains and spills as juice or food. So if you want something to work awesome for both problems – search no more.

The spraying bottle design is beneficial because you can apply it right away – there is no need to mix anything or to look for a cap. As soon as you can see the stain, just spray the formula on it – the fastest reaction you can imagine. And the composition is also very quick to do the job – it takes 30 seconds to get the action done. Please note that deep stains that have been there for quite a while might require a little more time to be soaked with product.

This composition is safe and can be used around the area including kids and animals. And the aroma of freshness after this product is amazing – it is light and gentle.

The trigger spray is amazing at targeting specific spots and also helps with general traces of human activities – for instance, footprints. It removes dirt and various spots.


10. Rug Doctor – Carpet Cleaning Solution, Works in All Leading Deep-Cleaning Machines, 64 fl oz.

Practicality 83%

This composition is beneficial for owners of the machines as it is produced in a 2x concentrated formula. You need to mix it with warm water according to the instruction given on the bottle to perfectly remove anything from your carpet, floor, or furniture. The bottle cap is ideal for measuring the product to mix it, which is extremely convenient.

The active elements of the product ensure the prolonged cleaning effect – it lasts for 24 hours. Another outstanding feature is that it deters your pet from marking the same spot again. This way, the constant spoilage is prevented.

The item removes any natural pet fluids and stains, such as urine, vomit, blood or feces. It is also very successful in elimination of the bad smell around the house. After everything is removed, you sense only the light and fresh smell of the product.

Generally, this composition is made to clean soft surfaces; it is not designed for the floor.

Please note that it is non-toxic and can be safely used around children, but it might irritate eyes and skin, so follow the prescriptions carefully.

Your rug will be the same after cleaning – the item leaves no sticky traces. It is also not harmful and doesn’t affect the color of the textile.



What is the best pet stain remover for carpet? It is a high-quality product that is characterized first of all by the efficient composition. It should be strong enough to fight the urine and fecal remains completely. At the same time, it should not be toxic and feature any heavy chemicals because it might harm the people and animals who contact with the treated surface.

I’ve gathered the appealing and well-designed dog pee stain remover options in this review. They are all non-toxic, therefore, they can be used around the house.

If you use the cleaning machine, pick the concentrate that will work ideal for it. For those who prefer hand cleaning, trigger sprayers and other choices are more beneficial.

There is no need to be upset or suffer from a bad smell if you have pets – you do have a choice! Nowadays, we have wonderful and natural products that solve this problem permanently and give you the feeling of freshness without damaging your property.

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