Cat Tree for Multiple Cats – Buyer’s Guide!

If you have more than one cat (and who really only has one cat?) then you know they don’t always share that well. In fact, if one has something it’s a lot like a baby, the others always want it. With a cat tree you could end up with the same thing. Of course, having a large cat tree that they can all share (and might be willing to share) can help. So, let’s see what there is out there. You might be surprised just how many cat trees are actually designed for your cats to use together.

List of Top-Rated Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

Product ImageProduct NameLevelsHousesHeightColorMaterialMore Information
1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree - Best for Versatility1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree - Best for Versatility5162”BeigeFaux Fur/Pressed WoodMore Information
2. BEWISHOME Cat Tree - Best Stylish and Fun2. BEWISHOME Cat Tree - Best Stylish and Fun6257”GreyEnvironmental Board/Plush FabricMore Information
3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture - Best Simple Structure3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture - Best Simple Structure8272”BrownFaux Fur/Pressed WoodMore Information
4. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo - Best for Small Footprint4. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo - Best for Small Footprint8159”GreyFaux Fur/Pressed WoodMore Information
5. Fur Haven Pet Cat Furniture - Best Tallest and Exploratory5. Fur Haven Pet Cat Furniture - Best Tallest and Exploratory8269”GreyFaux Fur/Pressed WoodMore Information

The Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats Reviews

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree – Best for Versatility

If you’re looking for a cat tree that will give your cat more versatility to do the things, they enjoy then this is a great place to look. It offers 5 different levels for them to climb on and even has plenty of toys and places where they can relax and enjoy themselves. Even if you have multiple cats this is a great choice for them to get comfortable and play.

Design & Features

You can actually get quite a few different features out of this cat tree. It’s designed for your cats to jump and climb all over and gives them stairs, a hammock, a condo, bed and platforms as well as toys. All of these things make it easy for multiple cats to enjoy the space at the same time, even your cats who might not share so well.

The design is also small at the base so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much of a footprint in your room. Rather, it takes up even more space above the floor, giving the cats plenty of space to play and making sure they can climb as high as they like.

Material & Construction

Everything that you need to put this system together is included in the box. That means you won’t have any problem getting it assembled and making sure that your cats are comfortable and safe on a durable piece of equipment.

It’s made with pressed board that provides the durability and the framework and is covered with a faux fur. This provides a soft surface for your cats to enjoy while they’re sleeping or playing. On top of that you’ll find rope that helps with scratching and climbing.

Does This Tree Work For Larger Cats?

Larger and smaller cats will have no problem playing together on this tree. That’s because it’s designed to support their weight and to provide them with a sturdy platform.

Can It Be Customized?

In some ways you can actually customize this cat tree to make it the way you want. You’ll be able to change pieces around or even eliminate some of them if you keep the structure.

With this cat tree your pets are definitely going to be more than happy running and playing. They’ll be able to get around and burn off some of their energy with no problem.

2. BEWISHOME Cat Tree – Best Stylish and Fun

You’ll find this cat tree is a whole lot of fun because it provides plenty of different levels to enjoy, a hammock, condos, platforms and toys. It’s great for cats of all sizes and actually comes in at 57” in total height, which is great for smaller rooms or for less adventurous cats. They’ll still be able to run around and play with ease in this tree.

Features & Toys

With this cat tree you’re actually getting a range of different toys that your cats can play on. That’s one of the reasons it’s great for multiple cats because each of them can have something to do and something to enjoy. Whether they like the hanging toys or just want to lay on a platform as high up as they can this system lets them do it.

They’ll be able to use the scratching posts and climb all over this tree with ease. Not only that but they can easily sleep or rest in any of the condos. There are plenty of different things that they can do, no matter how old they might be.

Quality Construction

You want to make sure that this system is made with sturdy and durable materials and it most definitely is. It’s made with a durable pressed board that’s strong enough to hold even your larger cats. This helps them feel safer and also makes you feel a whole lot safer putting them all the way to the top.

The cloth is actually a type of plush material that’s going to keep your cats warm and cozy while they play or even while they sleep. It’s a great way to keep them sleeping on this new tree and not so much on your furniture.

Is This Designed for Larger Cats?

Larger cats won’t have a problem getting in and out of this cat tree and having a whole lot of fun with it. They also won’t have a problem with the platforms or condos included.

Is This System Easy to Assemble?

There is a decent amount of assembly required to put this together but the process is actually very easy. All of the pieces are included and it doesn’t take a very long time to make sure it’s secure.

This is definitely a great looking cat tree and one that your cat is really going to enjoy. Several cats can play on here together with no problem and each one has their own space to enjoy.

3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture – Best Simple Structure

This system is actually a little simpler than some of the others but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should disregard. Rather, it’s great for smaller cats or for those who aren’t quite as adventurous. It’s going to be quite tall, which provides them with the height that they want, but it doesn’t give quite as many additional features. They’ll have condos and platforms with just a couple toys.

Features & Toys

With this system, your cat is going to have a lot of different levels that they can play on. The levels each have platforms and condos that they can use however they like. Whether you just have one cat or you have multiple they’re each going to have their own space when it comes to this tree.

What’s really great is that there are steps that help your cat get from one level to the next. Those steps are going to make it easier to move around, which can be especially important if you have smaller cats that need a little bit more help getting further distances.

Accents & Assembly

This cat tree actually comes in three different colors so you can choose which one fits your cats and the space you have in your home. Each of the colors is going to give you the same tree, however. You’ll also have a simple process to get everything set up and to make sure that you can feel comfortable with it.

You get everything that you need to be included in the box so you can start setting it up and have it ready to go in no time at all. You’ll also be able to customize a few of the pieces to make sure they fit the way you want and your cat is comfortable with.

Does The Condo Work for Longer Cats?

Cats of any size will definitely enjoy the condos on this tree. They’re designed to give your cat plenty of space to sprawl out so smaller cats will be able to do just that. Larger cats will still have enough space to get in, however.

How Tall is This Tree?

The tree is actually a little over 6 feet in height. That means your cats are going to get up high with no problem and they’ll love being taller than just about everything in the house.

This is a great choice for those who want something that looks great and works well for smaller cats. It’s going to provide you with a bit more versatility for the younger ones in your household.

4. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo – Best for Small Footprint

This cat tree actually doesn’t take up as much space on the floor as you might think. The base is actually quite small, but that doesn’t mean that your cat isn’t going to have a whole lot of fun. After all, the cat tree itself is designed to give them plenty of levels, plenty of toys and even spaces where they can sprawl out or curl up and sleep.

Features & Fun

This tree actually gives your cats so many levels they’re not even going to know where to stop. They’re going to be climbing all over because I know that mine would be. Each level has space to at least stop for a moment and the upper levels even have padded beds to sleep in.

With this tree your cats get a condo and a hammock as well and even three different levels that have toys for them to bat at and enjoy. It’s designed to let them play together or each go their separate ways to relax and sleep.

Construction Materials

The materials that are used with this tree are pressed board and a faux fur. The board is CARB certified to make sure that it’s durable and that it doesn’t slide or move while your cat is playing. There are even anti-toppling fittings throughout to keep the whole thing secure.

The faux fur keeps your cats more comfortable and makes sure that they are going to enjoy the bed and the different levels as well. There’s even rope around the poles that allows them to scratch and climb the way they want.

Is This Tree Made With Wood?

It’s actually made with a type of pressed board that’s designed to be durable and strong. It’s durable enough that your cats of any size should be comfortable climbing to the top.

How Tall is the Tree?

The tree here is just about 5 feet tall, which means that it’s going to be a little shorter than the average person. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your cats and make sure they are safe and secure.

If you’re looking for a tree that’s a little smaller and provides your cats with plenty of places to play this is a great option and definitely helps them explore.

5. Fur Haven Pet Cat Furniture – Best Tallest and Exploratory

If your cat is adventurous this might just be the ideal toy for them. This tree is actually nearly 80” tall, which means you’re going to need a large house in order to fit it, but your cats are definitely going to have a blast climbing all the way up to the top. Especially since the toys venture all the way from the bottom up to the very last platform.

Colors & Style

The colors available for this tree are actually quite varied. You’ll have a range of different shades of brown and gray that provide a better match for your space. You’re also going to have a style that’s super fun for your cats and gives them plenty of ability to jump around, explore and share with their feline siblings.

You’ll have multiple different levels that they can stand on and move across. You’ll also have condos that your cats can each play and sleep in. What this means is you get a whole lot of versatility to the overall look of the tree.


There are plenty of features right here. Whether it’s the different levels themselves, the rope poles that are designed to encourage scratching where you want it or the condos there are ways that your cat can really express themselves. There’s also stairs, toys and much more that will help them to enjoy this new toy.

There’s plenty of cushion and padding all the way through that makes sure your cat doesn’t have to worry about discomfort and you can make sure they’re going to continue playing. The faux fur over the pressed board is going to provide the level of warmth and comfort they need.

Is This Built for Larger Cats?

You can easily use this with larger cats even with the condos and different platforms. It’s designed to keep them secure and make sure that they feel comfortable while they’re climbing and jumping around.

Can the Toys Be Customized?

Some of the toys can be moved around and customized slightly so that they are placed in different areas. This helps to meet your cats’ needs and preferences.

Overall, this is a great choice for a cat toy and provides your cat with plenty of space and freedom to really enjoy themselves in your space. Even those who don’t have a lot of room otherwise will appreciate this.


Cats definitely just want to have fun and if you give them a cat tree that’s exactly what they’re going to do. They’re going to have a blast playing on this tree. Any of these are actually a great choice and each one of them has some super fun activities for them (besides just climbing). That means they’re not going to have so much of a problem sharing. They’re going to be too busy playing around.

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